Thursday, September 21, 2006


Turdblossom's chutzpah

Can you get any more brazen than Karl Rove? From NewsMax:
Karl Rove Promises October Surprise

WASHINGTON -- In the past week, Karl Rove has been promising Republican insiders an "October surprise" to help win the November congressional elections.


Rove is not saying what the October surprise will be. Asked if he would elaborate and give his thinking about the coming elections, Rove told NewsMax that his take largely parallels what RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman said in a Sept. 5 NewsMax story.

As for the October Surprise, Rove said, "I'd rather let the balance [of plans for the elections] unroll on its own."
Wow. It's one thing to plan an October Surprise ... it's another to be so contemptuous of the voting public as to announce you plan to do it.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I have a bit of an upset tummy ...

Probably some Muslims poisoning the water supply.

Oops ... gotta run. I just hope the Muslims didn't use all the toilet paper.


Eek! A Muslim!

It must be weird to see the diabolical hand of Islam behind everything that ever goes wrong in the world. To stumble on a crack in the pavement and look around frantically for the jihadist who tripped you.

Perhaps you caught Pamela's predictable response to the military coup in Thailand. Well, let's dip our toe in the LGF cistern ... where the pearl-clutching is even more ill-informed and inane, if that's possible.

First, the background: General Sonthi Boonyaratglin, who led the coup, is ... gasp! A Muslim! OMG! When the Lizardheads learned of this, they went positively apeshit. Here's a small taste from the comments:

MacGregor: omg [Really, MacGregor, thanks for playing to the stereotype!]


thinkingmom: The violent, imperialistic, totalitarian political movement known as islam consumes another country. Poor Thailand. [Jeez, thinkingmom, let me know when you're having your next poker game ... I think I could get you to give me all your money just by glancing in the general direction of Mecca.]


MandyManners: Goodbye Southeast Asia. [Good Lord, these people really are ready to write off any country - sorry entire region - in the world at the mere mention of Islam, however tangential it is to the actual events at hand. It's like, FOX NEWS: Man in turban spotted at Korean barbecue ... MandyManners: Goodbye Northern Hemisphere! Ahem. I will try to speak slowly: Sonthi happens to be a Muslim. Thaksin happens to be a scumbag. Thailand is 95 percent Buddhist. This coup has abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do with Islam or sharia law or "dhimmitude" or suburban soccer moms getting their heads sawed off outside an anthraxed Walmart in East Bumfuck, Kansas, or any of the paranoid delusions you sick shut-ins blather on about to no end.]


jcm: Pull up the Thai target list, boys in blue, dust of the Thai OP PLAN. [That's the ticket, jcm ... let's attack another country for absolutely no reason! Fly off the handle much?]


Muadib: It just stinks of Islam spreading by the sword. [Uh, no, Muadib. That's your upper lip.]


Fast Eddie: The dominos are starting to fall. Wouldn't be surprised if Pakistan is next, nuclear weapons and all. [Uh, "fall" to a military coup or to Islam, Fast Eddie? Because ... um ... never mind.]


OceansideCon: I was speaking with a co-worker who was born in Bangkok a few months ago. I mentioned I was interested in visiting Thailand. She said it was not safe to go as it was going to "flip" to a muslim country soon. [What, she was like, "Goo goo gaa gaa mum-mum no no" ... ? Idiot.]


Cato the Elder: This is a nightmare. The violence will only worsen as the jihadis sense weakness and move in for the kill. [What violence? What jihadis? Do these people even skim the headlines of the stories they're commenting on?]


rtheyserius: Really bad news. Poor Thailand. Welp, Islam marches on. ["Welp"? Couldn't you have thrown in a "prolly", rtheyserius? Because then this would have been the perfect LGF comment.]


carradine: Almost no one has firearms in Thailand, they're BIG on gun-control here... So there's almost NO position citizens can assume except prone, or handzon ankles... [This guy's a real piece of work: a Baha'i who has lived in Thailand for years, and who does nothing to dispel his fellow Lizardheads' fact-free take on the situation ... and in fact he later adds fuel to the fire.]


Killgore Trout: My moonbat neighbors just returned from thailand 2 days ago. [Thanks for the update. Moron. I think you better go egg their house, just on principle.]


Odinist: Domino theory? Is anyone else seeing history repeat itself? Communists did it last century, Islamists doing it now... [Wait, Communists did what last century? Scared a bunch of yahoos so much that they cooked up nutty, ill-informed theories to justify invading a bunch of countries? Oh, okay, I see where you're going with this, Odinist!]

---------- shit... thailand is an awesome vacation country, cheap, warm, good beer, beautiful nature. So long, Thailand. [So long, warm beer-drinking "nature" lover!]


rtheyserius: [answering this question:] Does the American Revolution count as a coup against the British? Jeez, folks, of course not. Get a grip, willya? An American Revolution coup against the British would have been something like Johnny Tremain sneaking into the Royal Palace in London with a bunch of armed comrads and deposing King George. [You set 'em straight, rtheyserius! The nerve of some people ... comparing our glorious revolution to their evil insurrection!]


Albemarle: If Islam expands in that region , we may asked to go back to Vietnam by Hanoi government , "Yankee come back. Save us !" [This is just so dumb on so many levels.]


And my personal favorite:

sandspur: After all that's gone on so far this week (and it's only Tuesday), I think it's time to declear the crudase. [Yay! sandspur wins the Booby Prize, given out to the LGF commenter who best combines ignorance of the facts, genocidal tendencies and atrocious spelling!]


All the news that's shit to print ...

I have mixed feelings about the military coup in Thailand.

On the one hand, deposed caretaker PM Thaksin Shinawatra is almost assuredly a crook. His dodgy business dealings are on record, as are his shenanigans in moving about his assets before he had to disclose them, as per the country's charter, to the Constitution Court upon being named Prime Minister the first go-round in 2001, when his Thai Rak Thai swept into power in a general election. I was living in Bangkok at the time, and it was the Thai political circus at its depressing best. Thaksin, head of telecommunications giant Shincorp, "divested" himself of a large chunk of his assets, "selling" or gifting them mostly to family members ... but also to his maids and chauffeur.

One day, you're driving a rich guy around, the next you're worth millions ... what a country!

Meanwhile, Thaksin's ultra-violent "War on Drugs" killed thousands in the countryside during its height in 2003. I have little doubt that the main effect of this rampage was to consolidate control of the lucrative methamphetamine trade in the hands of the biggest players and their police cronies, who were able to eliminate, in the most brutal way, their small-fish competition.

His escalation of the response to Muslim separatists in the South was similarly violent. And, like the War on Drugs, was popular with the Thai people at first ... until the corpses really started piling up and it became apparent that a solution to the trouble remained as elusive as it had ever been.

So, like Liberal Avenger, I'm not losing any sleep over what's been done to Thaksin.

On the other hand, as LA's commenter Gordo posits:
I think that in the long run, Thailand would be better off dealing with their criminal-in-chief the same way Italy dealt with theirs: by waiting for the next election and voting for his rival.

It’s not nearly as satisfying, and the country does suffer for the time that the crook is in office, but it’s better than the constant cycle of coups and caretaker governments.

And while the king has been able to force the military junta to give up power in the past, some future king might favor a fascist takeover, much as Victor Emmanuel III granted his blessing to Mussolini.
Indeed. What Gordo says is true for any young democracy, and Thailand in particular seemed to be turning a corner. It had been 15 years since the last military coup - a very long time by Thai standards - and the 1997 Constitution (the "People's Charter") is considered the best framework for governance of the 16(!) that the country has had in 74 years as a constitutional monarchy.

Long, uninterrupted periods in which political transition is peaceful and democratic are crucial foundations for free nations, the rule of law and a vibrant civil society. Democracy doesn't spring fully formed from one election, or three ... or at the point of a gun, as everybody but Bill Kristol seems to understand.

So while everything Thailand built up, democracy-wise, in the past 15 years isn't completely gone, the country is now starting more closely to scratch than I think many people can immediately appreciate.

Finally, Gordo's point about Victor Emmanuel III is well taken. It's true that the current king of Thailand is as benevolent a head of state as one could hope for ... but he's getting on in years, and there is no shortage of anxiety about succession issues that will come sooner or later, and which will prominently involve the king's unsavory son.

And just because we are loathe to comment on anything - even something so close to the bone as the political situation in Thailand - without taking pot shots at wingnuts: Here's the realiably insane "Tits" McGee explaining how it's all the work of Islamofascists.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Yes, I suck ... blah de blah blah bloggity blah

Okay, well. This is kind of super-de-duper-de-eggs-a-la-Hooper top secret. Go here. It's what I've been working on for some time with the help of Snag and Gavin M.

... and while it's not completely done, it's done enough for you to check it out and go "Yaaay!" or "Pffft!" or "Ho-hum" or "Now I can die in peace" or "Heh. Indeed." or whatever you go when you see this sort of thing. (Especially if you have constructive criticism, and doubly-especially if you want to work on the project.)

I only ask that nobody go spreading the word on this thing yet. We want to launch it when all the moving parts actually work.

Cheerio! See you all in six weeks!*

*Just kidding!*

(The asterisk after "kidding!" takes you back to the front of the sentence "Just kidding!" ... so, like, am I really kidding? Why, yes! But wait ... am I kidding about kidding? Or kidding about kidding about kidding? Ha! It's like a Moebius strip of insignificance!)


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