Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Your Honor, that filthy man ... linked me!

I'm working on a wank opera of sorts based on West Side Story. I'll have it up in a couple o' days. Meanwhile, Pamela's most devoted paladin, "Beagle" of Little Green Racistballs, is all het up over James Wolcott subjecting his favorite eliminationist Randroid to a fate worse than death ... commenting about her public blog posts.

Here's Beagle, suggesting that the police have far more important matters to investigate than, you know, murders and robberies and such:
By the way James Wolcott is still cutting the eyes out of Pamela (Atlas Shrugs) photos. The police need to get a warrant for that creep, ASAP. He could use a personal trainer and some sort of hair solution as well.
And lest you think he was kidding, here's the chivalrous Beagle again, shielding the dainty Pamela with his manly typing muscles from Wolcott's caddish attentions, going so far as to suggest a restraining order:

Wolcott embodies everything I hate in many ways. He's a pompous, uninformed, superficial, elitist, misanthrope who happens to have a hard on for anti-Semites and conspiracy mongers like Justin Raimondo.

He goes out of his way to attack you personally using sexism, anti-Semitism, or his typical condescending assholishness. You might want to consider a TRO if this keeps up.
Or maybe Pamela could stop being a tarted up genocidalist who herself is happy to smear Wolcott from her Soapbox-that-Tits-Built. Because that would work, too.

And they wonder why we make fun of them.

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