Saturday, April 08, 2006


While we're waiting ...

... for the requisite calm to comment on Sy Hersh's column, here's a tasty little tidbit from the Corner's Warren Bell:

Or any pro golf for that matter: PGA Tour players are overwhelmingly conservative. From a 'Sports Illustrated'
interview with lead CBS Masters commentator, Jim Nantz:

SI: An SI poll found that almost 90 percent of Tour players said invading Iraq was a good idea, and zero had seen Brokeback Mountain. Is there something beyond socioeconomics going on?
Something about golf that suits a conservative temperament?

JN: I don't think golf gives you a political bent.

SI: Is it about control? Focus? Discipline?

JN: Golf is an individual sport. You have to be disciplined. Not that I'm saying liberals are undisciplined. I'll give you my political leanings when I run for office in a couple of years. But do I substitute the word discipline for conservative? Maybe. Guys in golf aren't hanging out in bars
late at night, by and large, or trying to find the great nightclub at this week's Tour stop. If you do, you won't succeed. So it's a regimented group. You need discipline to get to the Tour in the first place. You need discipline to hit balls, totrain. Nobody's going to cover for you out there - it's just you.
Or maybe, just maybe, golfers tend to be conservatives because they're almost all rich white guys who spend all their time at country clubs playing golf with other rich white guys.

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