Saturday, April 01, 2006


This is a stickup fundraiser

Give me all your money. Put it in a box on your front porch and walk away. My associates will be by to pick it up shortly, so no funny business ... and NO COPS. We're watching you. Hey, jerk, I saw that. Don't try to hide your VISA card. That goes in the box, too.

You better give to Clif, too. If you know what's good for you. Oh, and don't forget about John.

Also, get cracking on my wish list, cobagz:

- Six geese a-laying
- World peace
- A Chevy Tahoe (fully loaded, forest green)
- A Nexis-Lexus account
- The Apprentice, Season 2 DVD set w/extended boardroom footage
- $1 million in small bills
- Vancouver Island
- A timeshare on Mars
- The original folio of Twelfth Night
- Two aspirin
- The left index finger of a wealthy Spaniard
- Your daughter

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