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The slime queen strikes

When Debbie Schlussel isn’t sucking dicks to get ahead, she putters away at her other little earner – being mind-bendingly evil. Her latest series of attacks on recently released kidnap victim Jill Carroll are over-the-top unhinged, even by the lofty standards of the wingnutosphere. Even Misha’s appalled by Debbiekins, which is like cancer being shocked by what diabetes has been up to.

Of course, Misha and Debbie have a history, which has been
reported here previously.

Long story short: Carroll, a Christian Science Monitor journalist, was released last Thursday by her kidnappers into the custody of the Iraqi Islamic Party at its Baghdad offices. She had been held hostage for over three months. During her abduction on Jan. 7, her Iraqi interpreter, Allan Enwiyah, was killed. While still in the custody of the Iraqi Islamic Party last Thursday, Carroll “was briefly interviewed by Baghdad TV. She said she was treated well by her captors, and they never threatened her. She also said she did not know why she was kidnapped,” according to
the Christian Science Monitor (scroll down).

That, if you recall, is when the flung shit hit the fan.

Wingnuts, displaying their usual empathy and restraint, raced to their keyboards to condemn Carroll’s apostasy, as is well documented by Digby
here and updated here.

Oddly enough, Schlussel herself didn’t attack Carroll for the Baghdad TV interview, as she
goes to great pains to make clear these days. Bully for her. Her cohorts on the right who slammed Carroll unmercifully after her release were exposed as the cowardly, victim-blaming cobagz that they are when Carroll explained in a statement through CSM Saturday that:
I also gave a TV interview to the Iraqi Islamic Party shortly after my release. The party had promised me the interview would never be aired on television, and broke their word. At any rate, fearing retribution from my captors, I did not speak freely. Out of fear I said I wasn't threatened. In fact, I was threatened many times.
And that was that. The QuickDraw MacFlys of the right were forced to grudgingly recant their earlier smears. Or at least, that should have been that.

Nobody counted on Schlussel’s ability to defy common sense and careen merrily along on a storyline of her own demented devising.

As I mentioned, Schlussel didn’t pile on Carroll after the Baghdad TV interview. That’s technically true, and Debs is quick to cry foul when anybody assumes she did. But Schlussel isn’t entirely innocent. On Friday, she did post this note written by Carroll to Iraqi Islamic Party head Tariq al-Hashmi:

Schlussel attempts some mouthbreathing analysis of that note:

Is Jill Carroll endorsing the Iraqi Islamic Party? Sure looks like it (see below). So nice that she likes them more than her loyal translator, who was murdered by her "kind and generous" kidnappers. Not exactly an impartial journalist thing to do, even writing the letter on Iraqi Islamic Party stationery. Oprah gushing is probably up next for her, complete with America-bashing.

Aside from the disgusting tone towards a woman who had just suffered through an experience Schlussel clearly lacks the basic humanity to comprehend, note Debs’ bizarre contention (in bold) that the Iraqi Islamic Party kidnapped Carroll.

In other words, Schlussel did pile on Carroll before all the facts were in, just a bit more obliquely than Howie Kurtz, et. al. did.

Finally, after the Carroll-as-traitor speculation had been exposed as totally ass, Schlussel weighs in with an update Sunday to her original post:

****UPDATE, 04/02/06: Jill Carroll's recanting of the video doesn't have a thing to do with anything I've cited (except perhaps the letter above & she did not recant that - a minor point compared to the other evidence), nor does it change facts. See my response to all the blind, deaf, and dumb Jill Carroll worshippers. Facts regarding Jill Carroll's real views are stubborn things.

Note the demand by Schlussel that Carroll “recant” the letter. It becomes a recurring theme in Schlussel’s one-woman, cap-happy jihad against the reporter:

Then, there's Jill Carroll's former employer, the anti-Semitic, anti-American Jordan Times (for whom she CHOSE to work), long ago made the following statement about her (which, to date, she has NEVER contradicted or disavowed):

The kidnappers who abducted her could not have chosen a more wrong target. True, Jill is a US citizen. But she is also more critical of US policies towards the Middle East than many Arabs. . . . Jill has been from day one opposed to the war, to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

More than just being sympathetic with average Iraqis under war and occupation, Jill is a true believer in Arab causes.

From Arabic food to the Arabic language, Jill has always wanted to know and experience as much as possible about Arab identity, and she is keen on absorbing it, learning, understanding and respecting it.

She doesn't just "like" Arab culture, she loves it. . . . It is simply unconscionable for any Arab to want to harm a person like her.

Okay, let’s summarize:

- Debbie Schlussel wants Jill Carroll’s first order of business after suffering three months in captivity by thugs who murdered her friend and colleague to be “disavowing” every last statement made on her behalf while she was in captivity.*

- As a corollary, Schlussel wants Carroll to immediately distance herself publicly from various groups which sought to secure her release and may have actually helped to do so.

- Schlussel is unable to imagine that Carroll’s colleagues at the Jordan Times might have played up Carroll’s sympathies towards Arabs and Muslims because they thought that might help a friend in terrible straits avoid being murdered. Which, incidentally, is precisely the explanation CSM offered for its own editorial stance during Carroll’s captivity – particularly its attempts to push a photo of Carroll in a headscarf to the forefront of media coverage of the story.

- Finally, Schlussel highlights in bold the statements in the Jordan Times editorial which she clearly finds to be most objectionable and in need of “disavowing” by Carroll. These include: Carroll is critical of U.S. policies towards the Middle East and was opposed to the invasion of Iraq; Carroll believes in “Arab causes” (whatever those are – and note the absence of any mention in the editorial of tactics Carroll may or may not support in pursuit of those causes); Carroll “loves” Arab culture. That’s an incredibly innocuous list of supposedly “anti-American, anti-Israel views” held by Jill Carroll. No mention of her supporting Palestinian suicide bombers or al-Qaeda terrorism or anything of that nature. Just a bunch of views supposedly held by Carroll that happen to also be held by any number of patriotic Americans and even, I daresay, many patriotic Israelis. You get the sense, though, that what Schlussel objects to most might well be the bit about “loving Arab culture.” God forbid. That’s just beyond the pale. By the same token, loving kim chee must make you an apologist for North Korean aggression.

Final thoughts: Debbie Schlussel is shit-flinging, ALL-CAPS FROTHING, looniest loon in the Loonytown loonybin insane.

*As opposed to getting a haircut, which commenters on Schlussel’s site speculate Carroll did after being released, to her eternal shame in their eyes, incredibly.

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