Monday, April 24, 2006


Pinko Punko, call your office

Has there ever been a post so immaculately conceived for the Three Bulls! crowd as this discussion of slurs that end in "bag"?

No, strike that. Has there ever been a moment in time so perfectly positioned on the 4-D axis of reality for a 3B! festival of 'bagging as the above discussion on the wonderfully named-in-triplicate Women's Space/The Margins - the blog? And for an apertif for the 3B! hordes soon to descend upon WS/TM - tb, there is this post on Pandagon ... where Amanda Marcotte is already light years ahead of the sluggish Pinko Punko, Yosef, Gregor Samsa et. al. with these words of wisdom for those who would purge our language of the 'bag suffix:
“Sack” is a slang term for testicles, but that doesn’t mean when I say someone weighs more than a sack of potatoes, I’m saying they weigh more than someone’s nut sack, because that would be stupid.

Plus, there's a screamingly shit-hot 'bag of a graph on Pandagon analyzing the supreme 'bagginess of Adam Corolla, among others ... for which Amanda is my new feminine ideal, for whom I am sculpting a virtual fertility goddess statue out of rich, loamy, alluvial clay ... or would if I still had fucking Photoshop.

Three Bulls!? Missing in action. Late to the party. Recovering from - wannhh! mommy, it hurts when I swallow! - a widdle cold.

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