Saturday, April 08, 2006


Nukes? Nukes!?!?! NUKES???!!?!?!?!?!?#$KLU*

Well, I haven't calmed down much after reading the Hersch article in the New Yorker mentioned below. It's tough to rein in the emotions to even write about it. The idea that ... well, let's start from the beginning:

- The Bush administration and its Amen Corner (see how this sort of shit turns your phrasing into the kind favored by Justin Raimondo?) has been sounding the drumbeat for war with Iran for the past year.

- Reasonable people have assumed the sabre-rattling was more bark than bite, a bluff of sorts to both disuade Iran from its nuclear ambitions and to convince it to tone down its efforts to meddle in the Iraq political situation ... all part of putting a bit of rhetorical weaponry on the table to gain concessions in the inevitable diplomatic solution.

- Reasonable poeple ought to recall that the Bushies don't do diplomatic solutions. At least not since the downed spy plane in China - not in Afghanistan, not in Iraq, not with Venezuela, not with Cuba, not with Sudan, not between the Israelis and Palestinians, not with France and Germany, not with North Korea ... the list is long indeed.

- This means we need to take seriously the ramping up of war with Iran that Hersch reports.

- A war, in which, apparently NUCLEAR STRIKES are contemplated.

Okay, so that's that. The question becomes, what the fuck?!? Are they out of their fucking heads? Well, of course, we know that they are. So those questions are rhetorical. But these ones are not:

What would be the result, after the mass deaths, of the U.S. launching an unprovoked nuclear strike on Iran? What do you all out there in ParrotLine fandom (and an elite crew you are!) think it would be? What would the world look like a year after such an attack?

My own opinion is that the global fallout (pun slightly intended) after such a scenario would dwarf the Iraq War, by many orders of magnitude.

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