Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Harnessing the power of the cybernets

So, as I mentioned in comments, I've applied for this job as Blogging & Interactive Editor at the San Francisco Chronicle. It would be a dream job for me, working for my hometown paper as a Goliath trying to suborn the Army of Davids to swear fealty to the Emm-Ess-Emm banner (Objective 1A: Expose Michelle Malkin as bad for the Port of Oakland). Today, the blogosphere, tomorrow the world!!!!11!!!4 8 15 16 23 42!!! etc. &tc. andtc.

I've got the print media experience - nearly 10 years of it - but the Chron also requires, and I quote, "Knowledge of and experience in the blogosphere and building robust online communities ..."

Thus a request: Please help me robust this hizzy up for any Chron recruiters who come sniffing 'round these parts. Let's robust a cap in they ass. In comments, let's show the Chron that nobody can get a flood of testimonials from a tiny readership that trolls the blogosphere with multiple usernames like ParrotLine.

Your reward if you help out? The longest ParrotLine comment thread EVAR (current record: embarrassing) ... plus, a big giant post on Iran and Nazis and nukes, oh my!

Have at it, folks. Let's get one of our own* into mainstream cyberspace. We can even make a contest out of it. As in, "AssParrot is so robust that ..."

Oh, and as a one-time only request, let's keep the "fucks" and "shits" to a minimum, as per: "Candidate must also have strong editorial judgment in deciding what user-generated content is not appropriate."

*What's good for General Motors AssParrot is good for America.

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