Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Haiku of Townhall

Our semi-regular feature returns!

LaShawn Barber

Dumb anecdotes prove
Food stamps are just slavery
All over again

Mark Joseph

I so love dissent
Except when I hate it, thus:
Wang - awesome; Moore - fat

Brent Bozell

Pulitzers for lies
Exposed, but not for blowjobs?
A pox on Truth’s House!

Michelle Malkin

Illegals who built
New house moonbats made me buy
Might try to kill me

John Stossel

I say, ‘Greed is good’
But ripping off Ayn Rand bilge
Is even better

Jonah Goldberg

Here’s a proposal:
Let the Iraqis hear me
Talk out of my ass

Kathleen Parker

Taking advantage
Of the media spotlight?
'Wrong!' says top pundit

Mike Adams

Action figure Mike!
In toy stores this summer, plus:
Chauvinist-Fu Grip!

William F. Buckley

Ahem, a-ha, hmm
Act of indecorum, pshaw
Sherry? Sherry! What?

Carrie Lukas

Women hate money!
They don’t want as much as men!
Ow! Damn glass ceiling!

David Limbaugh

John Kerry sux rox!
Dude, you hear about Chris Penn?
Sure hope I’m not next …

Rebecca Hagelin

Bible Bible Mo-
Mible Banana-fana
Fo-Fible … BIBLE!

Tony Snow

As a Fox News host
I’m appalled by how low our
Media has sunk

Nathanael Blake

Only thing weirder
Than the way I spell my name
Is my shadow-beard

Oliver North


Walter E. Williams

There’s no deficit!
In other news: Two plus two
Equals - Rice Krispies!

Ben Shapiro

Americans should
See our brave soldiers' faces more
My mug? Irony?

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