Sunday, April 30, 2006


Boorish Hinderaker wouldn't know
'funny' if it was written on the banana
peel he'd just slipped on

The annual Powerline review of the White House Correspondents' Dinner is always a news story of sorts. This time, there was buzz about the fact that Mr. John Hinderaker himself would be doing the review. He did indeed post something on the event, typical in its sycophancy and praise for the "new" humor currently in vogue amongst our decadent young people. Apparently a fresh-faced young comedian called Jackie Benny was the featured act, and bombed. According to more distinguished sources, Mr. Dick Cheney was very funny, however. Daguerreotypes captured of the event indicate the Vice President performed a juggling routine, with jokes, to thunderous applause.

I'm told Mr. Cheney later posted a review of his own performance that demolished Hinderaker's pathetic attempt at artful criticism. Make that two more activities our remarkable Vice President does better than the supposed professionals.

I find the easily amused Mr. Hinderaker's sense of humor to be modishly vulgar. I'm hardly surprised that he found the headliner to be humorous, inasmuch as I'd never heard of Jackie Benny, and I typically find anything Mr. Hinderaker writes to be too full of "whizbangs" and "gee gollies" to ever be taken seriously as more than the faddish affectations of a perennial juvenile.

The past 75 years of culture and history, frankly, don't seem very important to me nowadays. For that matter, neither has politics, since at least the
Dreyfus Affair.

Still, if you should ever wish to take a break from your studies of the
Tranby Croft card scandal and other such topical issues, and remind yourself what it was like when comedians had no agenda other than being funny, I offer a memory of this classic performance:

Older readers may also enjoy remembering humor as it was before callow youth such as Mr. Hinderaker destroyed it with their immodest, low brow perversions. To wit:

And of course ...

And finally, an example of some truly memorable comedy stylings that, in this author's humble opinion, have never been matched:

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