Saturday, March 25, 2006


This is getting surreal ...

So Benny-boy has apologized, kinda sorta, after first blaming the liberals and P.J. O'Rourke for his plagiarism. Then Red State had to issue a weird half-admission of Ben's guilt because, you know, even movementarians have a vague understanding that the gig's up when you get caught in the middle of the town square pissing on the shrubbery ... watering the flowers there's video? and my dick's still hanging out? ... uh, pissing on the shrubbery. (Now here's the part where you all say how honorable and manly I am for admitting to my youthful urinary indiscretions.)

But of course it doesn't end here. Check out the
comment thread on the above Red State post. There you'll find one Thomas and one streiff, apparently Red State administrators of some sort, wielding their mighty commenter banning hammers with beserker* fury at the slightest hint of any visitor actually wanting to hold Ben accountable for his serial scumbaggery.

Seriously, read this shit if you can stand the horror of finding yourself in sympathy with Michelle Malkin (!) ... who had the temerity to tell the little shit he should resign when the evidence of his plagiarism was a mere avalanche 24 hours ago, rather than the extinction-level debris field it is today. For this, the dynamic duo of streiff and Thomas are drumming a bad cop-psychopathic cop beat on the heads of anyone on the thread who dares to quietly suggest that Malkin may have been offering decent advice. Because, you see, Ben may have done wrong, but wronger still is saying he done wrong.

Anyway, at the exponential rate these new Torquemadas are banning commenters for the slightest hint of apostasy, I predict that at precisely 2:23am GMT, March 27, 2006, Red State will collapse in on itself and disappear with a quiet *poof*.

Oh, God, if only.

UPDATE: Another
rich vein of insanity to tap, in which we learn that a loyalty oath to Ben Domenech is required for entry into the wingnutosphere.

UPDATE II: Thomas above is this Thomas. (Credit to 3B!) Also, dig how this guy has a tag-quotation on his comments that originates from another Red Stater. Isn't that just the height of wankery?

*Or more spellingly, berserker. Happy, PP?

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