Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Saddest blog in the whole damn town

The Junkyard Dog is frothing at the mouth over Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, the former mouthpiece for the Taliban, getting a student visa to attend Yale.

If that riles him up, we bet he's going to be snapping mad when he finds out about the Nazis that Harvard lets in.

Let's scan Junkyard Dog's blog for more stuff to ridicule ... oh, we probably won't find anything ... hang on! The very next post! It's a half-ass 'fisking' of every wingnut's favorite whipping boy, the BBC. Ooh, the Beeb wrote a story about Pat Robertson calling protesting Muslims "crazed fanatics, and I want to say it now: I believe it's motivated by demonic power. It is satanic and it's time we recognize what we're dealing with."

Growling that "Beeb Bias Strikes Again," the Dog proceeds to go to bat for a guy who blames riots and terrorism on demonic possession. Way to pick your pals, JD! The devil made me tease you!

A little further down, the Compost Pile Poodle crows mightily about this list of U.S. athletes who donate to political parties. What we learn is that NASCAR drivers make up for all the left turns on the track by contributing almost 100 percent to the Republicans, as do pro golfers and Dallas Cowboy quarterbacks who ought to be thanking Dem-leaning Emmitt Smith daily for their Super Bowl rings. Don King gives to the GOP, victims of Don King give to Democrats. College basketball coaches mostly give to the Dems. In the case of Dean Smith, this saddens the Yapping Lapdog, who calls the former North Carolina coach a "yellow dog Democrat." Which, you know, he might be ... but as far as we can tell, ol' Worst in Show just made that up.

More from the puke green dog Doofocrat: "No-hit legend Nolan Ryan, aka Big Tex: Republican. Democrats just don’t command the mound and punch out men half their age the way Ryan did. They just don’t."

That would be news to Satchel Paige, 1968 Democratic candidate for a Missouri state assembly seat. When Ryan turns 59, we'll just have to see if he too can give up one hit, retire six in a row and get a strikeout in three innings against the Boston Red Sox.

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