Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Oh gosh, if you insist ...

ParrotLine just got tagged with one of those cool pass-it-along 'three thing' quizzes that all the ppopular bloggers are doing right now ... by, um, this really preety, popular blogger from, um, France ... so, you know, you probably won't ever run into her ... but she's totally popular and really digs us and we toltally email back-and-fourth all the time ... and anyway, heres teh quiz ... that the hot girl blogger from France tagged us with (PS shes really private so we can't give you her contact infor ... PPS she is like way mature and only would tag other mature people with this quiz ... PPPSSSS we are only very close friens and we are pledged to save ousrselves 4 marriage):

1. Name three bloggers who are totally stuck up?
Atrios, Ann Althouse, the moderators at Mugglenet who rejected my Snape-Magongagal(sp?) 'shipping fanfic wear Magonaggal helps Snape find Jesus, chuckles

2. What are you're three fave movies of all time?
Anything by Harry Potter, A Cinderalla STory, Coed Assbangers IV, Pssion of the Christ

3. If you were stranded on a dessert island what three records would you want their?
Kidz Trackz IV, Hillary Duff, the world long distance swimming record (hee)

4. What three places have you lived in?
Glendale, Bible Camp, Hetrosexual Reeducation School

4. What three places did you visits?
Salt Lake City, Pasadena, Ancheorpoint Christian mixer in Fresno

5. If you could live in a abroad country whath three would it be?
Italy, France, uPper West Side, Provo,k teh Holy Land (historical reunited I hope and pary!)

6. Name tehree things Hilarly Clinton would have to do to earn you're vote four PRES of the U.S?
Eat, sh*t and die (I am sooooo mean!)

76. What three memebers of the 'opposite" sex would you like to stick in an elevator?
Herimione, Polyjuice Poshun Cat Hermione, Lynda Carter (only if I brake up w/a ceartain mature sexy bloggerr from France, that is also PLEASE respoect my committment to save myself for marriage to my 1 'true love')

8. You're three fave books are?
Pinko Punkos slam book, Are You Their God its ME Margret, anything by Harry Potter, THE BIBLE! Number 1!!!!1!! (can I change it to only the BILE and not those other ones?)

9. Thrree cool teachers?
Jesus, Mr. Shiply, Mrs. Vida

10. Three lame teachers?
Mr. McGovern, Miss Labby, Coach Corwin (i heard theys are agnostheists!)

11. 3 things that will rule about high school?
No hiomeroom; I mean I think no homeroom - do they have homeroom in high school? Also teh prom and no more gym class abd more oppertunity to build my relationship with Jesus

12. Three things that will sux about high school?
More homework, COLLEGE!!!!1! or SATS!!!!, prolly wont get a car even tho my stupid older sister did, more pressure to have sex w/hot mature members of the oppossite sex or/and become a wiccan

13. Three bolggers who it would be cool to hang out with?
Reagans Childrens, Michell Coulter, teh l4m3, Jesus (if He had a blog it would be the BEST one)

14. What three embarissing things did you do?
Peed in my sleeping bag at Bible Camp, smoked a cigarete (it made me sick), close my heart to Jesus wehn I engage in self-abuse

15. Tag three more bloggers with tihs quiz?
Timmah 420, Ben Shapior, Ron Jeremy

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