Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Note to self: You are a shockingly relentless pursuer of amazingly important blog issues

First things first: "Booty butt." One of the many words my children have brought home from school; one of the few which I fondly recall from my own distant youth on the mean playgrounds of the San Francisco Unified School District. "Tight," "magney," "cold" and the once-ubiquitous "psyche" have sadly gone the way of the dinosaurs, as, I fear, have "gank" and even "dank" ... but I'll probably have to wait for the lads to reach petty crime and drug experimentation age to find out if I'm right about the extinction of the latter two.

Now then.

Glenn Greenwald makes me swoon. Jane Hamsher is firedogcracker hot. John Cole is a limp and slimy three-day old egg salad sandwich.

And yet ...

Did we really need to see the
mash note from Glenn congratulating Jane on her recent victory over John? Did anyone else feel slightly embarrassed for GG & JH upon reading it? Am I auditioning for Wonkette? Can we start calling them "Glennisher"? Or is "Glane" better?

I mean, all props to
Vladi G on leading the comment rebellion against Cole. But Jane posting that email has nearly ruined it. The ugly:

"I do think that what he did illustrates an extremely important problem that you - given your past history leading the whole Jim Brady/Debbie war - are in the best position to comment on."

"You basically did to John Cole what you did to Jim Brady - pursued with a shocking, relentless (and appropriate) tenacity their inaccurate comments to the point where - because they couldn’t admit error - they decided to resent and hate you instead and, by extension, the whole "Left blogosphere."

"I wrote about that once a while ago here - when attacking the disgustingly snotty anti-blog mentality at The New Republic, but it’s an amazingly important issue to protect the value of the blogosphere and you argue that as well as anyone."

Okay, Glenn. Dude. You and Jane are awesome. You're both important, influential figures in the blogosphere, which is totally valuable and not at all a self-obsessed wanktorium. I'm a total nothing schmuck. But please do try to keep it in your pants about Jane's "shocking, relentless (and appropriate) tenacity" and the "amazingly important issue" of catching a dumbass like Cole saying something stupid.

And Jane, next time ... just savor the victory. It's more becoming of someone who is so vitally shockingly excessively adverbially in a position to do so.

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