Thursday, March 02, 2006


Mike DeNunzio, looking out for the troops

Mike "Maybe-I-Shouldn't-Have-Ordered-100,000-'SF-Hearts-Bush'-Campaign-Buttons-After-All" DeNunzio has another astroturfer on the Chron's LTE page today:
Pelosi's dodge

Editor - The American military is at war. The failure of Rep. Nancy Pelosi to denounce the [S.F. Supes' admittedly kind of pointless] resolution calling for impeachment of President Bush undermines the morale of the military. It demonstrates further that the Democratic Party cannot be trusted to support the troops, or to defend America.

MIKE DeNUNZIO, chairman
San Francisco Republican Party

I wan't personally aware that such things undermined troop morale, but then I talked to some of our soldiers in Iraq, and they were all, "We used to be totally gung-ho about seeing our enemies driven before us and hearing the lamentations of the women, but then we found out that Nancy Pelosi didn't denounce some meaningless gesture against our beserker war chief, and now we all want to frag our officers."

Who knew? Meanwhile, since Jack Murtha degraded them late last year, treasonous night discharge amongst the troops is up by 72 percent.

P.S. Style geeks will note that I have switched over from the more-trouble-than-its-worth headline caps format to the all-lower-caps thing. Also, I really, really want someone to make a Naked Beserker Rage Jonah Goldberg doll with battle axe and blue body paint accessories. Can someone at Mattel please make this happen?

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