Friday, March 10, 2006


haiku of townhall

With apologies to Sadly, No!

Nathanael Blake

Blah blah blah homeschool
Here’s the punchline wait for it
Me getting pussy

Chuck Colson

I cry foul on Dems
This is worse than McCarthy
My slime knows no bounds

Doug Wilson

I’ll walk a mile in
Your boots when you pull them up
Fuck you I got mine

Brent Bozell

It’s hard out here for
A pundit tryin’ to mask
Racism with concern

Clifford T. May

They don’t wear red coats
So when we torture and rape
They made us do it

Ann Coulter

Damn you Hollywood
O why did you deny me
My Brokeback win snit

Ben Shapiro

Yay for recruiting
Boo for Supreme Court sillies
Sorry sarge trick knee

Jonah Goldberg

Film stars are divas
Proof: A couple anecdotes
That is Pantload math

Kathleen Parker

Calling all Muslims
Start apologizing for
Shit you didn’t do

Todd Manzi

MSM scooped by
Townhall on sad non-story
Now Quaid wants face back

David Limbaugh

I have writer’s block
Slag Clinton time! Dude party
At Frank Stallone’s house

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