Monday, March 06, 2006


Gonzalez replies

Our friend Francisco Gonzalez has replied to our comment that questioned his portrayal of abortion as the “ultimate act of murder.” Let’s see what he has to say. Here’s the heart of it:
As for the abortions that still go on on a daily basis, I do consider these the equivalent of murder - and by the worst kind of murder, I mean a mother actually committing the act of taking her own child's life (and believe me, plenty of fathers are implicated in this matter as well).

However, I can't just storm into abortion clinics and stop this, as I do respect the RULE OF LAW. And, I try to do my part each day to help overturn that law. We have to fight it in the courts and in the legislatures, but most importantly, in the hearts and minds of individuals.
Well, this simply won’t do. No, it won’t do at all. < /Usenet thread pedant >

But seriously, by Gonzalez’s standard, those “good Germans” we’ve read of really were good, while the Jewish resistance fighters who participated in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising were base violators of the “RULE OF LAW”, and Oskar Schindler was a kind of white-collar criminal debasing the intent of the Nuremberg Laws.

Because why, Mr. Gonzalez, if “the worst kind of murder” is being committed in the United States on a daily basis – in a mass auto-genocide that you say has already claimed 40 million souls – shouldn’t the storming of abortion clinics be considered by you to be just as much a moral imperative as doing whatever was in one’s means to shut down the Nazi ovens?

Could it possibly be that you don’t really believe abortion is the “worst kind of murder”? Could it possibly be that you are employing exaggerated rhetoric to make a point; in fact, are so inured to the use of such rhetoric that you have long since forgotten its logical implications (if you ever considered them at all)?

Let’s be very clear here. Abortion as legally allowed in the U.S. is not murder. Let alone the “worst kind”, as all but the most extreme abortion opponents concede. Gonzalez – and all other abortion opponents but actual clinic bombers – concede this whether they know it or not when they call for fighting abortion within the constraints of the rule of law … rather than with any and all means, as they presumably would if Jews were being burned in ovens on our soil.

So abortion, for the vast majority of its opponents, boils down to something they just don’t like very much. Not a crime against humanity that they are willing to go to the mat to end with whatever means it takes. In that sense, abortion is easily fit into a list of other freedoms enshrined in the West that Gonzalez doesn’t like: “perversions of sexuality (including pornography, loose sexuality, and homosexuality) and the growing divorce rate.”

Why does Gonzalez dislike these things? Who knows? Perhaps they make him feel uncomfortable. Perhaps control of our own reproduction and sexuality offends his sense of who or what should really be controlling those things.

Meanwhile, if Gonzalez truly wants to reduce the number abortions in the United States, we suggest that his efforts would be better directed at increasing access to health care, contraception and education, and reducing poverty in this country.

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