Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Rod Dreher is Such a Crunchy Con ...

New contest on the Cornerite who has managed to construct an entire political philosophy based on corporate raiders who listen to Phish. You know the rules. Have at it.

Oh, and if you're looking for something to get the old creative juices flowing, here's my favorite crunchy excerpt from an Amazon reader review of
The Book Whose Title Never Ended:

With the re-orientation through virtue towards the family, Rod discusses the issue of homeschooling. It is perfectly Crunch Con to homeschool. In fact, it's desirable: it allows children and parents to become closer, it helps manage the household better (one parent stays at home), and it provides a strong moral and religious upbringing that public schooling cannot (and will not) provide. Rod (or rather his wife) homeschools his sons and is pleased with the results.

Bold PLUS Italics mine. Like, I wonder if Rod Dreher makes his wife dress like June Cleaver and buy Comet in bulk, and when he comes home from work and she doesn't have his meatloaf ready yet (it's Thursday in this hypothetical question), he's all, "I am displeased with the results!" ... ???

Because that would be really funny, but also sad.

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