Monday, February 06, 2006


Could Derb Concoct a Brown-People Killing Spree So Genocidal That Even He Couldn't Resist Reading About It on Drudge?

Well, it’s been some week for the National Review’s John Derbyshire. First, his breakfast was spoiled when a story about a promising Red Sea ferry disaster turned out to only be about several hundred stupid old Egyptians drowning horribly … he had been hoping for some reading material that would hold his attention for at least as long as it took him to cook his one-minute egg.

Damn those Berbers for impudence! Damn their eyes for wasting Derb’s private Drudge-time with their silly little non-Caucasian intrusions into the news cycle!

His interest piqued by the headline, Derb had been gearing up for something along the lines of a racier Achille Lauro tale … perhaps a White Starliner yarn featuring a bosomy, milk-white steel heiress plucked from the icy sea and raped by a lipless, pasty, balding, bespectacled expatriate English git.

Alas, it would only grow worse. Today, Derb pines for “rubble nations” – and fears the United States may not have the will to provide him with same.

Quite the genocidal wee satrap, our man Derb.

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