Friday, February 17, 2006


A Cobaggish Plea for Help Contest

It's Three Bulls!-meets-Rich Lowry here at Parrotline today! Do our work for us enter our super-duper open-ended, as-long-as-it's-teh-funny CONTEST-OF-CONTESTS!

All you have to do is pick a topical issue, research it thoroughly, bang out a few rough drafts on your own time, then submit a final essay to comments. Make sure it's teh funny. Illustrations welcome, but unfortunately Haloscan doesn't support them. Perhaps you could describe the illustrations as part of the essay.

Alternately, you can do whatever you want with Photoshop or whatever and send it to dpoeter-at-earthlink-dot-net. Just make sure it's teh funny.

Grammar, spelling and punctuation will be graded for accuracy and/or ironic inaccuracy.

Judging and final vote will be totally arbitrary.

Winner gets a lifetime supply of suck.

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