Saturday, February 11, 2006


America: Strong Like Bull!

We can learn much from excerpts of Amazon customer reviews of Hard America, Soft America by Michael Barone:

- “We can only afford a Soft America if we encourage a Hard America.”

- “Michael Barone shows the consequences of what happens when an area is hard or soft. While he acknowledges there are reasons for softness, Michael Barone clearly believes that it is best for all parts of society to have some degree of hardness.”

- “Barone knows American history is full of extremes cases of hardness and softness …”

- “Barone does concede that America has been better off for certain kinds of softness, and many people who promote softness do it for the best of reasons. But Americans are better served with a steady dose of hardness.”

- “The notion that Soft America hitches a ride on the back of Hard America should set many bells ringing.”

- “High school graduates immediately encounter Hard America when they enter the military …”

- “Things are going well in Iraq (because the army is now Hard, unlike the Vietnam era Softies) …”

Of course, it’s not just hardness that matters:

- “I would have liked it to be longer.”

- "The only negative thing I can say about this is that it's a bit too short."

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