Thursday, January 26, 2006


What Tweety Said

Just to clarify what I said here (if anybody really cares), regarding the meaning of Chris Matthews et. al.'s equating of Osama bin Laden's latest audio tape to "liberal talking points" and Matthews' positing that bin Laden "sounds like Michael Moore."

I'm going to break the fourth wall here because this really, really pisses me off. Not just the slander of it, but the fundamental lack of logic.

Look, to conclude what Matthews and others have concluded about this tape echoing positions held by liberals (or Democrats or whatever), you have to make a giant, and really dumb leap in logic. You essentially have to say that if Osama bin Laden ever gives his approval of some thing, than that thing is inherently evil. So if bin Laden says he approves of what a majority of Americans believe - that us being in Iraq is a stupid, counterproductive situation - well, clearly the majority of Americans are on the side of an evil terrorist. (Only, of course, we
Kewl Kids aren't SAYING that ... but lots of dumb hicks in "flyover country" might THINK that. Hey, we're looking out for ya, Libs, by pointing out what morons are going to be talking about at the water cooler tomorrow after they've listened to us slander you tonight ...)

How crazy is it that we are even forced to argue that this is a ridiculous formula? Do we have to state for the record that if bin Laden says rape is wrong, it does not magically become right?

That if bin Laden says, "The atomic number of gold is 79" ... we probably wouldn't want to start rounding up the high school chemistry teachers?

How about, just for funsies, we pretend this thing called The Enlightenment happened?

Nor does Matthews get a pass because, unlike
this horrible person, he merely says bin Laden "sounds like" Michael Moore, rather than having his talking points "written by the American left." Hey Tweety, Michael Moore sounds like Osama bin Laden how? Pitch and timbre of voice? Frequent use of simple, aphoristic statements based in Wahhabi philosphy? Or perhaps it's the Gulf accent when speaking Arabic? Maybe how Moore punctuates every other sentence with "God is great"?

Chris Matthews really needs to apologize. And all the other talking heads need to stop this crap. It's not funny, it's not "provocative," it's not "blunt" ... it's utter, partisan bullshit that is divisive in such a crude way that it would not be a particularly huge leap to guess that it's playing right into bin Laden's hands.

Because, golly, who in the world could possibly benefit from Americans sniping at and mistrusting each other more and more with every passing news cycle? I mean, other than Karl Rove that is ...

And, gee, if we're going to start connecting conspiracy dots that aren't there, how about we talk about how convenient it is for the White House that the mortal enemy of America supposedly "sounds like" a Bush critic?

In other news, The Poorman has an excellent take on the WaPo comments forum. I will (fourth wall back up) be explaining tomorrow why The Editors are so very wrong to pick on Glenn Reynolds.

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