Monday, January 23, 2006


O'Reilly: Damn Those Billionaire Media Manipulators!

Eschewing my customary 7pm wank to Section III, Article 5, Paragraph 7 of Ludwig Von Mises' The Anti-Capitalist Mentality, I chanced upon Monday evening's edition of "The O'Reilly Factor" on Fox.

Imagine my pleasure at seeing host Bill O'Reilly utterly defeat the ineffectual* Juan Williams on the topic of "Organized Leftist Media Assaults on Jack Abramoff's Daughter that are Funded by Yacht-Owning Billionaire Liberal Obscurantists."

"The Left is much worse than the Right at vicious, organized media attacks," said O'Reilly. (Although I am not sure if those were his exact words, because his somewhat mottled and bleary complexion proved a visual distraction to this stenographer. He also claimed to have done a "study" of liberal websites that proved they were "far worse" than conservative sites. That may have been a slip of the tongue, however. I do not believe a man of O'Reilly's caliber would ever stoop to something as unrigorous as science.)

Needless to say, I believe O'Reilly to be
unimpeachably correct.

*This is not parody, by the way.

UPDATE: Due to an editing error, the incorrect billionaire media manipulator was pictured with this post. Here is the correct picture:

UPDATE II: Well, the egg is really on our face! Here is the correct picture:

UPDATE III: Oh, never mind!

UPDATE IV: Wes Pruden has more.

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