Friday, January 20, 2006


Millions of Women Have Been Indoctrinated to Not Fuck Me

By Dirk Wade

Finally, somebody said it. The so-called "modern" woman is a frigid ice-bitch who hates men. Hat tip to the ol' Perfesser for having the cojones to open up this can of worms, big time. Preach it, brother!

I blame the schools. More and more women are going there every day, getting their heads mindfucked by books. They come out of these schools with an agenda.

An agenda to not fuck me.

Dirk Wade has no idea why women reject him.

Look, I probably jack off six, seven times a day. I've got plenty to offer a woman. DSL connection, WarCraft III with all the latest patches, carpeting, box spring mattress, you name it. Yeah, it's my mom's basement, but we're talking separate entrance here.

But every time I even approach a woman, she looks at me like I've got a fucking leaky boil on the end of my nose. Even when I don't have one. The other day, I'm down at my local and in comes this very attractive lady, brunette. Great tits. Jew broad, I think. In hindsight, the nose ring should have set off alarm bells.

So anyway, she sits down next to me and we strike up a conversation about the ballgame that's on the tube. We're making small talk, and next thing you know I'm asking her if she's ever seen the Nick Berg beheading video. She's like, yeah, she saw part of it. So I'm like, really? But have you seen it in Hi-Def? Because if you want to come over to my place ...

Bang! She's all: check, please! And I'm like, what the fuck did I say?

Because you never know what's going to set these bitches off. It could be anything.

I'm seriously thinking about one of those mail-order dinks from Cambodia. But she better be pro-gun and pro-Bush or me and her are gonna tangle.

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