Sunday, January 22, 2006


Introducing: The Cannon-Fodder Crew!

Inspired by the brilliant - and trenchant! - Keyboard Kommando Komix, produced wholly in-house by The Poorman, we at ParrotLine offer our own line of anti-idiotarian Komix fun for chickenhawks of all ages!

Now, everybody knows all about the many dangerous missions undertaken by our selfless Keyboard Kommandos to protect all Americans in the Global War on Terror. On a virtual battlefield of asymetric ideological warfare, these true patriots brave vicious attacks from evil, cunning enemies both domestic and foreign, driven only be their steely resolve to preserve our freedoms, no matter the price to themselves.

Truly, we are not fit to wash the feet of these peerless men and women.

But did you know that there are unsung heroes in the War on Terror who, despite the relative insignificance of their contributions compared to that of the Fighting 101st Keyboard Kommandos, do their small bit to realize the goals of the bold battleplan set forth by their betters in the blogosphere?

They are not the Titans of this particular war. Rather, they are its foot soldiers, the little people who take on the rather less frightening risks to life and limb on the actual battlefields of our grand national mission.

It is true, these men and women may not have the intellectual mettle to take their place on the crucial Ideology Front in this existential global confrontation with evil. Nevertheless, their victories, small as they are individually, do add up collectively to become an important, if minor, phase of our martial efforts.

We at ParrotLine recognize these footnotes to the War on Terror. We believe their role in providing logistical support to the Battlin' Blogosphere merits some attention. And now we present their exploits in comic form.

So get ready for the ongoing adventures of the Cannon-Fodder Crew!

(Click on image to enlarge)

Tune in next week for Part II of 'BLOGGER DOWN!'

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