Thursday, January 19, 2006


GreeTING's and SaluvationS/?

Ping! This is my frist POSt at a GRATE new blsog called=\ PAROTLiNE!!!!? Prolly some LIberal's will CENSOR it. That happened to me before: go here.

I DO NOt beleive this post will NOT be censored by LEFTIST MSM's/. I DO BElieive this POST will THROW DOWNS some REALITY to LEFTIST MSms,. I Will wait to see witch is wich. That will be for YOU to decide (I REPOTRT).


"Put that in your pipe and smoke it, LIBERALS. No, I dont mean CRACK :-(''} - GastroGuy269

UPDaet: LEFtisT DID NOT censor this POST.

UDPATE 2: LEFTIST"s still 'may' Cendsor this POSt. My eys are on YOU,, LIberal's! Stop looking at my ASS!

UPDte IV: Teaser; My next posT will address 'Teh War on CRhistmas." Stay tuNed.

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